Located in Galliera Veneta, about 70 km from Venice, for more than 50 years it has operated in the production of primary packaging Machines and Lines (form – fill – seal of bags with various shapes and sizes, starting from flat flexible film reel).

It relies on an internal engineering department that analyses customer needs to design and create solutions deemed best.

CAMPAGNOLO relies on its expert and dynamic technicians for its production process, always in synergy with trusted external partners.

Quality control and product testing is fully in-house, before shipping.


In brief, CAMPAGNOLO’s mission is to provide customers with professional support, starting with the purchase product all the through to post-sales customer service.
Providing small, medium and large companies with the know-how we’ve acquired to date, always attempting to provide added value to those who have faithfully relied on us to find solutions to meet their specific needs.
Despite the new situations introduced by globalisation, our “CUSTOMER ORIENTED” mission
leads us to focus on the quality and customisation of our machines, combining technological innovations, consolidated solutions and handcrafted details at a competitive price/quality ratio.
CAMPAGNOLO invests a lot of energy and resources in improving and expanding its product range because it is always aware of the important role packaging plays in enhancing product content.

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The CAMPAGNOLO Vertical and Horizontal Packaging Machines and Lines are the results of extensive and sound experience accrued over the years meeting instrumental asset safety regulations. They are food-safe but are frequently used to package non-food products.
Technologically advanced, durable, simple to use, reliable, easy and limited maintenance and built to last with quality materials and components supplied by reliable partners.
The use of readily available electronic, pneumatic and mechanical components is always privileged to permit fast spare parts delivery and extend their availability in time.
All our machines are equipped with user-friendly uman/machine interface terminals (even remote or via tele-assistance) and integrations with existent production processes are achievable upon request.
Our weigh an volume dosing systems can be used to dose a wide range of products, in weights that range from a few grams to up to a dozen kilos (depending on specific product weight).
When dealing with packaging your product(s), nothing is more important than feeling satisfied to have created an adequate embellishment. A wide range of ACCESSORIES and FEEDING SYSTEMS, contributes in obtaining the required results.


Post-sales efficiency is a priority for CAMPAGNOLO. The sale of a technological instrumental asset requires efficient and competent technical support, able to follow the customer in the correct use and maintenance of the machine or system during its entire working life.
Support also means protecting our customers’ investments and guaranteeing the maximum performance of our products even after years of use.

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Via I° Maggio, 18,35015 Galliera Veneta


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